The Partnership on AI Is Exactly What We Need

Last month, giants in the field of deep learning, Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft, announced the launch of a non-profit organization to focus on the ethics and best practices of Artificial Intelligence.

The companies involved with the Partnership on AI are known for the huge strides made in the development of Artificial Intelligence in competition with one another.

The partnership has stated its objectives “to address opportunities and challenges with AI technologies to benefit people and society.” Which comes amidst growing concerns about the future risks of artificial intelligence.

Concerns and predictions ranging from job loss to Skynet-like scenarios have saturated the internet. This partnership could well fan the flames of such anxieties. Too often we get caught up in the rhetoric of whether AI is good or bad, and not how humans and AI can work together. It’s important to stop deliberating if AI is inherently good or evil and focus on the values, aims and beliefs of the companies and individuals working on this technology.

This partnership is much more than diffusing public concerns. They’ve also commented on the potential and vast benefits AI holds for many industries, recognising that their collaboration will maximise opportunities for advancement in the field. These companies hold huge sets of big data that have the potential to rapidly advance the development of AI programs when used conjunctively.

It’s undeniable that AI is set to change the way the world works, so it’s a good thing to see companies prioritizing progress before competition and coming together to form this partnership.

What are your thoughts on this? We’d love to hear them.


Chris Pearson

Co-Founder, Big Cloud



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