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Most Read Big Cloud Articles Of 2018

Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Conferences and Events, 2018


Our annual list of Data Science, Machine Learning and AI Conferences and Events has topped our list this year – proving to be an increasingly valuable resource. Missed any of these great events?  Not to worry, we’ve another one out for 2019, so make sure you don’t miss any this year!


Data Scientists – How To Perfect Your CV



The industry is expanding at an exponential rate meaning the term data scientist is becoming ever more ambiguous.  This no-onsense guide shows how to move away from the buzz words and start showing hiring managers the impact that you have had.


Aspiring Data Scientists – Get Hired!


If you’re wanting to get in to Data Science, this one is for you. Despite the mounting demand for Data Science professionals, it’s still an extremely difficult career path to break into – so take a look at these tips on how to make the best of getting hired.



5 Ted Talks Perfect For Data Scientists

TED_stage_logo_from_Flickr_cropped (1)

We all love a good Ted Talk. What could be better than 5 amazing Ted Talks all about data? Check them out now if you missed them first time round!



How AI Can Help Alleviate Poverty


There’s an increasing number of professionals and companies in the field of AI looking to how we can use this tech for societal good. One way is in fighting poverty in the most affected areas. Read more about how AI is helping to alleviate poverty.


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