Most Read Big Cloud Articles of 2017

5 Must See Ted Talks on Artificial Intelligence

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Here at Big Cloud, we’re quite partial to a Ted Talk, and it seems you are too with this being our most read article of the year! Not only do they give us a glimpse into some of the greatest minds around, they’re inspiring and extremely thought-provoking. Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic and TED have hosted some brilliant talks from people in the world of Artificial Intelligence, take a look back at our top 5 here.



Data Scientists – How to perfect your CV



The demand for data scientists is rapidly increasing. The industry is expanding at an exponential rate meaning the term data scientist is becoming ever more ambiguous.  This means it is time to move away from the buzz words and start showing hiring managers the impact that you have had. Use this helpful guide to shape your new resume. It’s number two on the list for a reason!




To PhD or not to PhD



…that is a very popular question! Further study often seems the most appealing route to go down, and for many companies out there it’s often heralded as a must have for data science, but it isn’t always so and isn’t always pivotal in advancing your career. Take a look at our guide to weighing up whether further study is for you.




Creativity is crucial in Data Science



What is the most creative thing you’ve done in your career?  Data science might not be seen as the most creative of pursuits. Creativity requires an incredible amount of imagination and seeing past the obvious headline statistics to reach a deeper conclusion. This is the hallmark of a great Big Data professional. Read more here.




Solving the bee crisis with Machine Learning


Without the natural pollination bees provide, global food supply would deplete so rapidly, the effects would be disastrous. They’re an essential part of our ecosystem, a part of a delicate tapestry that works to naturally pollinate our crops. There are so many ways in which technology is being used for good, so here we take a look at how Machine Learning, AI, and Big Data are helping stop bee numbers from further decline. Read more here.



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