May I Celebrate Something with You?

Have you ever been to work on your child’s birthday, unsure how much of your immense pride you can afford to disclose to semi-interested colleagues? Have you ever done a huge deal at work, only to refrain from talking about it to your friends at the pub that evening? As a Brit, I am sure that many parents have told their kids not to be boastful – as a general rule, we don’t like talking about ourselves too much.


I have very much taken that approach with my blogging, and I hope that all of my Big Data blogs have been of interest thus far. Having been included in the “Top 25 Most Socially Engaged Recruiters” list by LinkedIn, I hope that they are appreciated.


However, this one post isn’t about you. It is about me. Sorry….


You see I started something with my two friends Kit and Chris around four years ago. I had a baby on the way, so life was interesting. We wracked our brains about how we could do something different in a recruitment world that was mind-numbingly uniform. We wanted to find an industry niche that would fuel our passions, and we wanted to create a company in our image – relaxed but responsible. We are serious about what we do, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We don’t do unrealistic targets, we don’t bash phones (actually none of the desks have phones), and we make sure that we enjoy the journey.


So, four years ago we had a dream. Exactly three years ago (today) we brought that dream to life. Big Cloud was born.


I know you probably think “yeah, yeah, big deal, I see hundreds of notifications of company anniversaries every day on LinkedIn”, well this is my opportunity to pay tribute to my amazing team, and I am not going to miss it. Without them, we wouldn’t have placed Data Science professionals in 25 countries, across 4 continents. Without them, we wouldn’t have been voted in the Top 100 Big Data Brands / Influencers (by Onalytica). Without them, I wouldn’t have come to work with a smile on my face every single morning.


You see, three years ago my fellow founders and I took a risk. We wanted to be different, and it all seemed a little scary. Could we really build a business based on trust and not targets? Could we really promise not to get heavy-handed with the team when times got tougher? Could we ban the word KPI altogether? Not too many people had faith in us, but we have flourished, and I just want to have my moment to say:


Wow, how lucky am I?


Okay, so this mushy blog is coming to an end. You may not have a great deal of reasons to share it, after all, it isn’t about you. I’m not even writing it for the “likes” or the coverage this time. I am writing it for myself and my team. Great job guys, I’m so proud of you all. You’re the future of Big Cloud. Let’s go and smash it for all time.


Thanks for reading. I’m off for some cake and champagne.


Matt Reaney
Co-Founder, Big Cloud

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