It Simply Had to Be Big Data for Big Cloud

Setting up a recruitment company for Big Data seemed like a no-brainer. Just over three years ago, the field was just starting to pop onto the periscope of boards across the UK, but very few non-techie people understood what it was all about. I founded the business with a couple of friends who were seasoned fellow IT Recruiters, but even to us, Big Data was a step into the unknown for a while.

However, we believed in the market, and we set about becoming one of the most successful Big Data recruiters in the UK (and now Globally). The learning curve has been massive, it continues to this day, but placement by placement we are making our mark in this most wonderful of industries. Once we were newbies, but it doesn’t take long to become the people “in the know.”

Being one of the first specialist recruiters in this industry has thrown up many challenges. We have had to immerse ourselves in the detail, visiting conferences and learning as much as we can about the minutiae. In our first year Big Data For Dummies was our bible. We have had to say that we don’t understand more than we care to admit, but every blank look has led to an incredible amount of learning. People have blindly put their trust in us, and we have moved mountains to help them achieve them dreams. Over the course of three short years, I think that we are now close to calling ourselves experts.

That’s the thing when you are one of the pioneers – you have to learn from experience. When there is no rulebook, or when the rules are so fluid that they change every month, you have to have a flexible mindset. The horizons of the Big Data industry are broadening with every day, there are new technologies, new approaches and new strategies that business are using to harness the power of data. In keeping close to our candidates and clients, we are at the forefront of these developments, and we are even approached for advice on a fairly regular basis. When a Big Data professional is asking your opinion on the latest Big Data trends, you know that you are an established “player.”

We have come such a long way since those early days, but I always like to remind our fast-growing team that we should never lose our “beginners” mentality. It’s important to remain humble, to always be open to new opinions, and to move as our industry moves. If we say to ourselves in our heads that we are still “the first” – we will be open to all the new learnings that are going to come our way over the next three years and more.

A curious beginner’s mentality is a great asset in a fast-moving industry like Big Data.


Matt Reaney

Co-Founder, Big Cloud


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